Welcome to the world of bitcoins! Have fun and explore our offerings and earn free coins at no cost to you. Before you can play and win casino games with bitcoin, you will first need to have bitcoins. Here are some great ways to buy bitcoins, sell bitcoins and even earn bitcoins for all your needs – including gaming! Here we have a great resource by starting out with 100% free methods for earning bitcoins via free bitcoin faucets and others.

If this is all so confusing, you might want to first start with our Introduction to Bitcoins.

Use Your Web Browser To Mine Bitcoins

  • Mining is usually a big deal. But with Faucet hub there is what I call mini-mining. Their BTC mining is done online at no cost to you and can be done for as long or as little as you like. With them you would be earning satoshi which is the smallest unit of bitcoins available 0.00000001 – you won’t earn them fast, but it is free.
    • Just browse around their site until you find ‘mining’ and you too can “Mine Bitcoin for FREE using your web-browser” absolutely free.
    • Another great mining and faucet site is Moonbit Co In which uses a free coin pot BTC wallet. they also have a daily loyalty bonus for faucet earning.
    • You can also use Freebitco In to mine btc for free. They even give you a simple link that you can click on from anywhere and earn bitcoins (hint: from work).
    • Brominer also offers a free BTC wallet as well as free browser based BTC and monero mining.
    • Other browser based BTC miners include Claimers IO with easy options.

Earn Free Bitcoins with
Faucets, Games and Offer or Task Completions

Sure, you can dive right in and buy some bitcoins – but where is the fun in that. With free faucets you can earn free bitcoin bits or you can play some cute, fun and entirely simple games to earn them for free.

Gamble with Bitcoins

  • Now that you have easy ways to save, buy, sell and earn bitcoins why not check out our Bitcoin Casinos list with top sites like Cloud Bet and more.
  • We suggest the new Cafe Casino with 200 fun mobile and online games with a $10 no deposit casino bonus as well as a 500% first deposit match bonus!
  • Have fun with these casino links through coin hive – “no deposit bonuses here as well as “many more bitcoin links.”

Save On Online Purchases

  • Coin Rebates – Shop online with from this site and earn automatic rebates in the form of bitcoin. Completely automatic with no form or anything to fill in. Available from over 300 top stores online.
  • At Purse you can easily save from 5% to 15% or more on purchases at Amazon. Or if you have amazon gift cards you can also use them to buy bitcoins. Get more info on purse now! Buy Bitcoin with Airbitz. Link Coinbase to Purse. Withdraw Bitcoin to an Outside Wallet from Purse. Buy Bitcoins on Coinbase. Save 15% or more through Name Your Discount!. Earn Bitcoin.Sell Amazon Gift Cards.

Buy Bitcoins

  • At Coinbase now called GDAX (Global Digital Asset Exchange), you can earn $10 from joining the bitcoin revolution?
    • Just click and join to earn a $10 bonus when you deposit $100 from many easy funding sources!
    • You get a bitcoin wallet for your ONLINE computer or a MOBILE WALLET for your Android or iPhone device.
    • Bitcoin stored on their servers is covered by their insurance policy.
    • You can also send and receive bitcoin that is immediately exchanged to your local currency.
    • They also store the vast majority of bitcoin in secure offline storage.
  • EOBOT also offers the best, easiest, and cheapest Cloud Mining solution. Get started with as little as $10 using a credit card to mine Bitcoin or any of our other offered cryptocurrencies.
    You can also earn 1% for every user that you refer who uses the software/miner and cloud

Learn How To Accept

  • Bitcoin Training – Find out you as a business can accept bitcoins as payment with this 20 video ‘how to’ series and become a bitcoin friendly website.


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